Cellulite treatment; It includes applications such as G5 and VelaShape, which come to the rescue of women of all ages who are disturbed by the orange peel appearance on their legs.

Unfortunately, cellulite, which is common among women, is seen mostly in the legs and hip area. The fat tissue under the skin becomes visible on the skin surface due to structural deterioration, casting a shadow on the smoothness of the legs. We can say that those who have cellulite treatment can easily say goodbye to this appearance and enjoy having shiny legs.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the name we give to the dimpled appearance of the skin as a result of degeneration in the fatty tissue between the layers of the skin. Cellulite, whose medical name is lipodystrophy, is a type of circulatory failure and is caused by the lymphatic system not working well. It should be noted that it has nothing to do with being overweight or thin. The number of women who have cellulite problems despite being thin or even fit is not small at all.

The fibrous ligaments that hold the fat tissue where it should be run vertically in women and diagonally in men. For any reason, fat tissue overflows from these vertical bands, causing an orange peel appearance on the legs and hips. This deformity is called cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that we encounter very frequently in women at all ages, depending on gender and genetics. So much so that it is possible to encounter cellulite formation even in women who do sports and eat healthy. The causes of cellulite are diverse:

  • Inadequate functioning of the lymphatic system.
  • Inadequate circulatory system, slow blood circulation.
  • Aging.
  • Hormonal problems.
  • Genetic structure.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and working conditions.
  • Unhealthy nutrition, wrong eating habits.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Birth control pills.

What is Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite treatment; It consists of medical aesthetic treatments with devices performed to stimulate the lymphatic system and shrink the fat tissue in order to regulate the relationship between fat cells in the connective tissue and fibroblast bonds.

Many different techniques and methods such as laser cellulite treatment, mesotherapy cellulite treatment, LPG, AWT are used to eliminate the orange peel appearance. Cellulite cream and herbal anti-cellulite mixtures are the most popular among dozens of applications under the title of cellulite treatment at home.

Cellulite treatment requires a complex approach that includes many things such as medical aesthetic applications, healthy nutrition, regular walking and drinking enough water. Otherwise, even if the treatments we use to treat cellulite in the legs yield results, the cellulite will return after a while. Lifestyle and daily habits are very important in the fight against cellulite for the treatment to be permanent.

How to Treat Cellulite?

After the stage of cellulite is determined, it is determined which device and what kind of treatment will be applied according to the cellulite treatment protocol created specifically for the person.

First Degree Cellulitis

It is a mild cellulite condition in the initial stages. It heals very quickly. Early intervention in cellulite at this stage allows us to almost guarantee success in cellulite treatment.

Second Degree Cellulitis

It is the stage before the orange peel appearance, but the pits begin to show themselves at this stage, even without pressing by hand. It is extremely easy to achieve great results in cases of second-degree cellulite with G5 and VelaShape applications.

Third Degree Cellulitis

At this stage, deep pits have caused an orange peel appearance. It is possible that there will be pain. It is still possible to heal cellulite by treating it, walking regularly, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water.

The degree of cellulite may not have the same characteristics in every age group. The response of a young patient to third degree cellulite treatment and that of an older patient may result in different results.

We can talk about many similar criteria, especially general health status, that make cellulite treatment a personalized plan. For this reason, our priority in cellulite treatments should be a detailed examination and analysis of metabolism.

The Most Effective Cellulite Treatment

We can say that the best cellulite treatment is the treatment applied in the most correct way, because although similar devices are used in cellulite treatment almost everywhere, the results obtained from the treatments are not as satisfactory. Protocols made with the latest technological devices may disappoint.

If there is something as important as the device in cellulite treatment, it is the correct creation of the protocol and the quality of application. In our opinion, session duration, application intensity, accurate determination of cellulite degree and analysis of personal metabolism are the keys to success in cellulite treatment.

G5 Cellulite Treatment

Since cellulite is a lymphatic system slowdown, G5 massage becomes one of the most effective systems used for cellulite treatment because its biggest effect is to stimulate the lymphatic system and activate blood circulation.

While it allows fat cells to shrink, it relaxes the connective tissue and helps release fibroblasts. Thanks to G5 massage, the cellulite appearance disappears in a short time. We achieve tightening and slimming in the legs and hips.

How to Perform G5 Cellulite Massage?

It is an extremely safe and comfortable application. A gel or vegetable oil mixture that has the ability to break down fat cells is applied to the area to be massaged. Afterwards, the massage head is slowly moved over the cellulite area with the strength adjusted according to the requirements of the protocol.

How Many Sessions of G5 Cellulite Massage?

G5 massage, which is generally applied in 8-10 sessions, will not be effective unless it is applied at a certain intensity. The number of sessions and their duration significantly determine the result of G5 cellulite massage.

VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

It is one of the frequently used adjectives for Velashape, the most effective cellulite treatment. FDA-approved VelaShape, which allows us to achieve great results in regional slimming and cellulite treatments; It is an effective device that combines vacuum, infrared rays and radiofrequency energies.

In addition to reducing the volume of fat tissue, it tightens the skin as it triggers collagen production and supports the skin’s self-renewal in all tissues.

How is VelaShape Cellulite Treatment Done?

Velashape offers a cellulite treatment experience with the comfort of a massage. Focused heat does not disturb the skin surface and you will not feel any pain during application.

Since the degree of cellulite is determined in the examination before the treatment, the number of sessions to be applied and the tissue depth are determined in advance. The application is carried out to eliminate the orange peel appearance with the one of the two special heads of the VelaShape device suitable for the area with cellulite.

How Many Sessions Does VelaShape Cellulite Treatment Take?

In VelaShape cellulite treatment, session duration varies from person to person depending on the depth and degree of cellulite.

Applying at least 4 sessions, 2 weeks apart, is the interval and number of sessions we generally recommend. In advanced cases, it is possible to go up to 6 sessions.

Cellulite Treatment Prices

The price range for cellulite treatment is quite wide. Depending on the degree of cellulite, which techniques will be used and the treatment process, cellulite treatment prices vary from person to person.

You can contact us to get detailed information and make an appointment, and you can take a serious step today to get rid of cellulite.