Chin filler; It is applied to bring the face closer to the golden ratio. It solves symmetry problems and ensures that the chin becomes aesthetically compatible with the entire face.

The shape of the jawbone is extremely decisive in making the face look beautiful and attractive. Chin filling is one of the most preferred applications to approach the aesthetic ratio on the lower face and create chin aesthetics.

Hyaluronic acid is widely used in the filling protocol, which is created according to many aesthetic criteria such as whether the chin root is sharp or oval, the angle of the jaw line, where the chin tip ends.

What is Chin Filler?

Chin filling is a filling procedure applied to eliminate structural defects in the jawbone due to aging or other reasons and to reshape the chin. There are also versions using different materials such as hyaluronic acid filling, fat injection, and stem cell extraction. Our aim in chin filling application is to obtain a more prominent and aesthetic jawline thanks to the filling process applied to different points such as the chin root, chin line and chin tip.

The jaw line becomes deformed over time due to aging, gravity, osteoporosis and genetic reasons. The deterioration of the jawbone makes many signs of aging evident, including sagging skin. Chin filling is effective in eliminating such deformations.

Usually, depending on the genetic structure, it is possible to achieve the ideal aesthetic ratio with chin filler in cases where the jaw bone is small and backward.

Why is Chin Filling Done?

For a young, feminine and attractive facial expression, the chin must be clearly separated from the neck, otherwise the double chin will give you an old or childish photo. The tip of the chin should be neither too far back nor too far forward. A prominent angle at the root of the chin is a symbol of youth, but an excessively angular structure is not preferred because it will create a masculine image in women.

Chin filler allows us to achieve a great aesthetic transformation with a small touch. It is the ideal method to easily solve all aesthetic deformations occurring in the jawbone and the soft tissues above it.

We can say that it owes its increasing popularity in recent years to this practical, effective and useful side.

How is Chin Filling Done?

During the aesthetic examination before chin filling, the points to be filled are determined. The application area is anesthetized with anesthetic cream and the filling process begins. Chin filling is a painless procedure that is completed in approximately 15 minutes. Immediately after the procedure, the jaw line and/or chin tip takes its new shape, closest to the desired shape.

All filling applications are fully established within a week or two, and the final result appears only after this period. In the control examination 15 days after the chin filler is applied, the settled state of the filler is evaluated together with the patient. Minor touch-ups are made if deemed necessary.

Where is Chin Filling Applied?

Chin filling should be applied at the point where the jaw bone is missing. Achieving the best aesthetic result with the least possible filler is the basic approach in filler protocols. In order to create an aesthetic emphasis, areas with loss of volume and/or insufficient size are filled with filler and made visible.

When we say chin filling or jawline filling, we do not mean filling the jawbone from end to end. Chin filler is generally applied in a way that slightly highlights the tip of the chin, fills the gaps in the middle of the chin, and makes the root of the chin prominent.

Chin Filling

Non-surgical chin aesthetics chin tip filling is an alternative method to surgically placing a prosthesis at the chin tip. When the chin is tucked back, it looks like it has a double chin, and you may not like that look. It is possible to move the chin forward with chin filler. In this way, we get rid of the double chin appearance and the neck is separated from the tip of the chin.

Jawline Chin Filler

We call the filling protocol where we aim to make the jaw line uninterrupted and prominent by filling strategic points along the jawbone, jawline chin filler.

Jawline is made to make the jaw line strong and visible. It makes you look much younger, and the jaw line is one of the most important beauty lines that support the attractiveness of the face.

Jawline filling is planned individually for each face, in line with the aesthetic ratio. It is a filling application with which we have achieved very satisfactory results in both men and women.

Chin Corner Filler

The jaw root is one of the important aesthetic points on the jawbone. All famous beauties have a pronounced chin corner, whether angular or oval. We can say that the sharp chin corner combined with the long neck in women is among the universal symbols of beauty. For men, we want the corner of the chin to be strong for an attractive and masculine expression.

Jaw corner filling allows us to obtain tissue growth at the root of the jaw. This way, we can create the emphasis we want on the chin corner.

Chin Dimple Filling

The dimple formed at the tip of the chin is called chin dimple. It usually occurs due to genetic reasons. Although it is not always disturbing, some people may not like it. It is possible to fill this dimple or lighten its appearance with chin filler.

Jaw Fillers in Men

A strong jaw structure results in more masculine and masculine facial features. Just as women want to look more feminine, men also want to have a prominent and strong jawline to look more masculine and attractive.

The shape and size of the jawbone in men are instinctively effective in men being liked by women. Adult men who are uncomfortable with a dull jawline or a small and receding chin can easily say goodbye to this problem with chin filler.

Permanent Chin Filler

Whether chin filling is done with Hyaluronic acid, fat injection or stem cells, it is a temporary filling application that is permanent for a certain period of time under all circumstances. Chin filler, in which fat taken from the body by liposuction is injected, is longer lasting than hyaluronic acid filler. Fillers made with stem cells are used longer than fat injection. But ultimately they are all temporary fillings.

Hyaluronic acid is the material we use most in all filling applications, as we get the best results without damaging the tissue and it is the filling material with the lowest risk of complications.

Chin Filler Before After

After chin filler the gaps in the jawbone line are filled and the prominent jawline rejuvenates the face shape and tightens the skin. , they collect the double chin.

Achieving the ideal size of the chin tip creates a more feminine-masculine face. When the deformities and volume deficiencies that existed before the chin filler are corrected, the result is generally satisfactory. So much so that those who have had chin fillers cannot help but wish they had had it done before.

In order to more clearly observe the aesthetic difference of chin filler, examining the before and after photos of chin filler is a good choice to get an idea about the results of the application.

Chin Filler Side Effect

Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are fillers that we use safely, especially on the face, as they have no side effects. If chin filler is applied correctly and made with quality Hyaluronic acid filler, no side effects are observed.

Although the risk of complications or infection is very low, undesirable results such as lumps or lump-like swelling in an area may occur due to application errors, but they are not insoluble situations.

After chin filling, a slight swelling and redness in the application area is normal and will heal completely within a few days.

Chin Fillers Prices 

Prices for filler applications vary depending on the quality standards of the clinic. Chin filler is individually priced according to the amount of filler to be used, and the average price of chin filler varies depending on the quality of the filler material.

Due to the warning issued by the Ministry of Health, it is not legal to share the price information of any application over the internet. You can contact us to get detailed information about chin filler prices in 2021, or you can make an appointment if you wish.