It is a combined skin rejuvenation, renewal and tightening application in which the golden needle mesotherapy approach and radiofrequency technology are used together.

The golden needle, which also allows us to achieve highly satisfied results in spot treatment and scar removal, works wonders in the treatment of deep acne scars from adolescence in men.

Golden needle is among the most preferred skin resurfacing methods by physicians because it triggers collagen production. Enabling the skin to repair itself has become a basic principle in medical aesthetic applications in recent years.

Many skin resurfacing devices that work with different energy systems such as laser, radiofrequency and ultrasound target the collagen synthesis of the skin by stimulating the connective tissue. Golden needle is also a combined application in which we deliver powerful restorative ingredients to the lower layers of the skin with the micro-needling technique.

What is the Golden Needle?

Golden needle; It is a skin renewal treatment applied for purposes such as skin rejuvenation, scar removal, pore tightening, crack treatment, skin tightening and wrinkle removal. It is also known as scarlet gold needle or Fractional radio frequency. Gold needle application, which can be used safely in summer and winter, can be applied locally to the entire face or to rejuvenate the upper lips, forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, forehead lines and hands.

The main reason for aging in the lower layer of the skin is the decrease in collagen synthesis as age progresses and depending on environmental conditions. Golden needle initiates a renewal and repair process in the lower layers of the epidermis.

Thanks to the radiofrequency waves at the tip of the needles, it creates controlled damage between the skin layers, and thanks to the cells flowing to the area to repair this damage, the skin repairs itself and renews and rejuvenates the tissues. Wrinkles appear lighter, scars fade away, and the skin looks more vibrant, brighter and younger.

Gold Needle Treatment

Golden needle radiofrequency is used successfully not only on the face but also in body applications. Golden needle treatment is one of the most frequently used methods for removing body stretch marks, rejuvenating the neck and décolleté area, and removing burns, wounds and post-operative scars.

Golden needle is planned individually in the form of sessions depending on the purpose for which you use it. The number of sessions, session duration and how often the application will be repeated are different in each region according to the skin’s needs and are determined by the doctor after the examination.

What is the use of the Golden Needle?

Golden needle is known as a versatile application with countless benefits, thanks to the strong restructuring effect provided by radiofrequency waves transmitted from micro gold needles to the subcutaneous area. It is used in many treatments, and we can say that we especially recommend it because it is a result-oriented application with high patient satisfaction in eliminating many skin problems.

  • It is one of the most preferred applications in spot treatment.
  • It is extremely effective in tightening pores.
  • It is suitable for men and women of all ages and all skin types for skin revitalization.
  • Provides anti-aging protection.
  • It is one of the most effective applications in skin rejuvenation.
  • It opens fine wrinkles and alleviates the appearance of deep wrinkles.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • It lifts and tightens the skin with its lifting effect.

How to Make a Golden Needle?

Special caps consisting of micro gold needles are personalized and disposable. Needle length at each application site varies depending on the depth of treatment. During the examination before the gold needle, detailed information about all these is given by the physician, and then the gold needle application begins.

As the gold needles sink in and out of the skin, the radio frequency sent to the tip of the micro needles by the fractional radio frequency device creates limited damage under the skin. The procedure time varies depending on the width of the treated area and the skin problem. A facial rejuvenation or anti-aging protection session takes approximately 30-45 minutes.

After the application area is sterilized before the gold needle, local anesthesia is applied to ensure that the session passes in maximum comfort. In this way, the golden needle turns into a painless application.

When does the Golden Needle show its effect?

In applications such as the golden needle, which renews the skin by creating controlled damage, the healing process must be completed and/or advanced for the treatment to show its effect. After the first session, this process accelerates because collagen production is triggered in the lower layer of the skin and cellular tissue renewal becomes active. In procedures that require deeper skin regeneration, such as acne pits and surgical scars, the duration is slightly longer, the number of sessions increases, and the session duration becomes longer. When the golden needle will show its effect varies with each treatment, depending on the purpose for which the application is performed.

If we are talking about golden needle application for anti-aging protection or skin revitalization, we can say that you will observe that the skin is refreshed and begins to shine within a week.

How Long Does the Golden Needle Effect Last?

Since the golden needle renews and repairs the skin starting from the deep tissues, its effect is long-lasting when used for purposes such as skin rejuvenation, skin revitalization and wrinkle removal. You can ensure its continuity by repeating single sessions at certain intervals.

Since the gold needle is applied to completely heal the skin and eliminate these scars in treatments such as scar removal and acne pit/scar improvement, the next image after the protocol is completed is the permanent result.

Although the duration of the effect of the golden needle varies depending on the purpose for which it is used, the results of the golden needle are longer lasting than many applications, as it provides an intense restructuring of the skin layers. .

Golden Needle Before After

It can sometimes be surprising even for us to see that the skin is renewed from the inside out, making a big difference before and after the gold needle. After a correctly applied gold needle protocol consisting of at least 4 sessions, the skin undergoes a great change. It revitalizes and rejuvenates. While fine wrinkles disappear, deep lines are greatly lightened, skin tone is equalized and you get a much brighter facial expression.

If you follow your doctor’s advice about the things to consider after the gold injection, the post-application process will go smoothly. So what are these recommendations?

  • Avoiding make-up that requires concealer on the first day after the application.
  • Avoiding contact with water for the first 8 hours.
  • Staying away from very hot environments for the first week.
  • Not using excessively oily or oil-containing cosmetic products after application.
  • Protect the skin from the sun with water-based sunscreen.

Golden Needle Harms

Golden needle, which initiates a natural tissue repair and skin renewal process, is an extremely reliable application that does not pose any health risks.

Some redness on the face immediately after the procedure is expected and normal and will usually disappear completely within 24 hours at most. With deep applications, the redness may take a little longer to heal. In skin resurfacing applications, controlled irritation of the epidermis is a part of the treatment.

Gold Needle Prices

Golden needle is used to eliminate many skin problems, and the number and duration of sessions vary in each protocol depending on the purpose of the treatment. That’s why gold needle prices are calculated individually for each treatment.

You can contact us to get detailed price information and make an appointment.