Kiara Reju (Crystal Youth Vaccine)

What is the Crystal Youth Vaccine?

Thanks to the free Hyaluronic Acid it contains, it moisturizes, nourishes and provides shine to the skin. PDRN (Polydeoxyribonucleotide), which has cell tissue regenerative activity, provides the nucleotides necessary for cell renewal. It helps create optimal conditions for fibroblast formation and accelerates the process of regaining skin elasticity. It contributes to the restructuring of damaged cells and supports tissue repair. Thanks to Niacinamide, it contributes to blemish lightening, moisturizing and anti-aging effects.
Therefore, from the first day following the application of Crystal Youth Vaccine, we see intense moisturization, brightness and a decrease in fine wrinkles on the patient’s skin. Since it provides new tissue development in the skin, over time, the patient’s face reveals an upward lift effect. It eliminates skin tone unevenness. We see that the skin blemishes are lightened and dark circles under the eyes are eliminated.

What are the Stages of Skin Aging?

Our skin is our largest externally visible organ. While every woman dreams of radiant skin without make-up; Every man wants to age beautifully and minimize the signs of aging.

However, it is not easy to resist the cruelty of time. Over the years, human skin loses its vitality and elasticity as a result of aging and environmental factors, and wrinkles occur.

The basis of this problem lies in the insufficient amount of substances in the structure of the skin, especially hyaluronic acid, which help to regenerate cells, or the decrease in the amount of these substances over time due to aging. As a result, the quality of your skin decreases; It looks drier and more matte.

If we have damaged, stained, wrinkled skin, our other treatments are not very successful. Although skin aging is age-related, it also occurs depending on the person’s environmental, hormonal and daily life. DNA damage also occurs, especially due to cellular aging.

What are the Usage Areas of Crystal Youth Vaccine?

Crystal Youth Vaccine; For renewal and rejuvenation of face, neck, décolleté and back of hands. To increase the decreased moisture in the skin and obtain a smooth and bright skin. In equalizing skin tone. To eliminate fine lines around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. It is used to remove skin blemishes.

We apply 3 sessions with an interval of 15 days.

Which applications are used with the Crystal Youth Vaccine?

Crystal Youth Vaccine; It can be combined with botox, fillers and devices.

How Long Does the Crystal Youth Vaccine Effect Last?

Crystal Youth Vaccine; The effect lasts for 6-8 months after application, and for 1 year when maintenance application is made.

What is the Price of Crystal Youth Vaccine?

You can meet with our doctor with the appointment we will make and get a price for the Crystal Youth Vaccine according to the area to be applied. This meeting to determine the treatment and area to be applied is completely free of charge. Immediately after you, our clients, meet with our doctor, the best price for the Crystal Youth Vaccine will be revealed specifically for you.