If you like your nose in general, but you think it would look more beautiful if the tip was a little upturned, what you are looking for is nose tip filler.

When it comes to the nose, aesthetic problems and solutions are very diverse. We come across many patients who are only bothered by the bridge of their nose but love the tip of their nose. It is possible to correct the nasal dorsum with nasal filling for people who do not want to undergo surgery or who are not suitable for surgery due to any health problem.

Similarly, nose tip filler is a great solution for men and women who do not like the drooping nose tip and/or want to lift the nose tip. You can achieve a beautiful nose tip with an application that takes 10-15 minutes, without going under the knife.

Non-Surgical Nose Tip Aesthetics

The nose is the most visible structure of the face and everyone wants to have a beautiful nose. For those who are hesitant about plastic surgery, non-surgical procedures are attractive in many respects.

Non-surgical nose tip aesthetics (nose tip filling), which we consider in a separate category within the scope of nose aesthetics with filler, literally allows you to have a perfect nose with a small touch.

Non-surgical nose tip aesthetics is the application that fulfills the dreams of those who want to have a perfect nose tip, in eliminating defects that are too light to be operated on and in eliminating the drooping nose that occurs after aesthetic nose surgery.

Why Does the Tip of the Nose Fall?

A drooping nose tip may occur congenitally or later. The nose is an organ that continues to grow and change until the end of our lives, and sometimes internal curvatures or fractures that we do not realize cause the tip of the nose to fall over time with the effect of gravity.

Adolescence is the period when the nasal hump begins to emerge, and complaints of drooping nasal tip usually occur with adolescence. Another reason that causes the tip of the nose to fall is plastic nose surgery. After the nose bridge is removed, the tip of the nose may feel heavy due to the effect of gravity.

What is Nose Tip Filler?

Nose tip filling is a non-surgical nasal tip aesthetic application performed on the tip of the nose with hyaluronic acid filling to lift and reshape the tip of the nose.

Moving the tip of the nose slightly above the bridge of the nose is the look we want to achieve with nose tip filling. Thus, the nose looks more upright and the arched appearance is alleviated.

How is Nose Tip Filler Done?

The droopiness of the nose tip is checked before the application. In order to best meet the patient’s expectations, the aesthetic examination performed in front of the mirror is the first stage of nose tip filling.

After deciding how much filler will be syringed to which point, local anesthesia cream is applied to the tip of the nose. Nose tip filling with hyaluronic acid-based filling is completed within minutes and it is possible to see the result immediately.

Although it may seem like an easy process, the nose tip is a millimeter aesthetic work area. It seems extremely simple when performed by experienced and skilled hands, but if it is not done carefully and carefully, it may have unpleasant consequences.

How Permanent is Nose Tip Filler?

Nasal tip filler, which is in the category of temporary dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid, is permanent for an average of 12-18 months.

The permanence time of the filler varies depending on the biological and hormonal structure in each metabolism. The first filler application usually melts in a shorter time, and there is a general observation that the usage time of the filler gets longer in the second and subsequent fillers.

Who Can Have Nose Filling?

Technically, anyone over the age of 18 can have nose tip filling. The nose begins to change during adolescence and this process is too early to have nose surgery. Although we recommend that filler applications be postponed as much as possible, it may be preferable to overcome the aesthetic concerns experienced during this period with nose filler / nose tip filler.

Nose tip filling; It is suitable for adult women and men of all ages who have congenital or acquired drooping nose tip. Drooping nasal tip that occurs after trauma can be corrected with nasal tip filling. Nasal tip filling is an extremely comfortable application for those who complain of drooping nose tip after nose surgery.

Advantages of Nasal Tip Filler

The nose is an extremely sensitive organ that can cause us to feel terrible pain with a small blow. That’s why non-surgical rhinoplasty is an advantage in itself.

  • Nasal tip filling is a painless procedure.
  • Compared to aesthetic nose surgery or revision nose aesthetics, nose tip filling prices are very cheap.
  • You do not need a recovery period after nasal tip filling, you do not need to take a break from work, and your social life will not be interrupted.
  • You will have a cool nose tip in a total of half an hour and forty minutes, including the examination time before the filling application.
  • Nose tip filling is a miraculous little touch that allows us to achieve instant aesthetic transformation at the tip of the nose.

After Nose Tip Filling

After nose tip filling, you may want to constantly look in the mirror. It is normal for you to constantly want to see what a cool and wonderful nose tip you have.

Apart from this, it is sufficient to stay away from extremely hot environments after the application and take a break for a few days from things such as facial massage and facial yoga that will cause pressure around the nose.

Can Nose Tip Filling Be Reconstructed?

Yes, nose tip filling is a repeatable process like other filling applications. After the first filling, the filling can be renewed without waiting for the nose tip filling to melt completely. In this regard, it is important that your physician’s guidance and your aesthetic expectations meet at a common point. We do not want unnecessary filler to weigh down the tip of the nose!

When Does the Nose Tip Filler Set?

Although it is unlikely that edema will occur after nasal tip filling, the protocol requires a period of 15 days for the filling applications to settle, and then a control examination is performed.

Nasal Tip Filling After Rhinoplasty

In order to eliminate the drooping nose tip that occurs after aesthetic nose surgery, a revision surgery to lift the tip of the nose, which we call tipplasty, is performed.

Instead of revision nose surgery after rhinoplasty, nasal filling and/or nasal tip filling is an economical and comfortable alternative solution for patients who do not want to have a re-operation and is frequently preferred.

Nose surgery is a process with certain difficulties and patients may not prefer to experience the same thing again. At this point, it is important how the patient experiences his first nose surgery. Taking advantage of an extremely practical method such as nasal tip filling will be an excellent choice, especially for people who have experienced a severe nose surgery.

Nose Tip Filler Prices

Nasal tip filling prices are in the category of low-cost medical aesthetic applications. Nasal tip filling prices are different in each district of Istanbul, depending on the clinical quality and hygiene standards, the experience of the physician performing the application, and the class of the filling material used. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not possible to give a clear answer to the question of how much nose tip filler is.

As per the Ministry of Health, it is not legal to share price information about health and aesthetic applications, you can contact us to get detailed information and make an appointment.