Regional slimming is a non-surgical slimming practice that we use to lose stubborn weight in the waist, abdomen, hips, hips and belly area.

It is often difficult to get rid of regional fat, and you may have regional weight for many different reasons. Regional slimming treatments with non-surgical methods are a great advantage and convenience for those who complain about fat deposits in a certain area even though they are thin, for those who cannot lose regional weight even though they lost excess weight after dieting, for those who are disturbed by stubborn fat tissue accumulated in a certain part of the body due to illness, pregnancy or genetic reasons. .

If you dream of having an aesthetically proportionate physical appearance and shapely lines, but you cannot lose the fat in your belly and hips, you can easily achieve the look you dream of with regional slimming applications.

What is Regional Slimming?

Regional slimming covers all of the treatments we perform with device slimming systems developed to break down regional fat cells that cannot be removed for any reason.

The basic working principle of these methods, which were developed as an alternative to surgical operations for local slimming, reshaping the body and achieving slimming, is to break down the fat tissue located in a certain area and ensure that it is removed from the body.

Non-surgical regional slimming emerges as more effective and powerful systems day by day with the influence of developments in medical aesthetic technology. These devices and methods support and relax the body, especially in eliminating the problems caused by aging and sedentary daily life.

You do not have to go under the knife to get shapely lines, thanks to regional slimming practices that help us achieve body tightening as well as permanent weight loss that cannot be lost despite regular sports and healthy nutrition.

Regional Weight Loss Methods

Non-surgical regional slimming methods and devices are medical aesthetic systems with different technical infrastructures. There are various versions that act with different energies such as ultrasound, electricity and sound waves, heat and cold applications, and they enable us to achieve great results in regional slimming.

As shown by the success achieved when the right protocol is applied to the right person with the right device, the best regional slimming method is not the same for everyone. Age, gender and the part of the body where the regional weight is located are important criteria for the regional slimming protocol. Therefore, a personalized plan is created. For this reason, which regional slimming method is the most effective for you should be determined by an expert after an examination.

How to Lose Regional Weight?

Body measurements are evaluated before regional slimming. The treatment protocol to be followed according to the regional weight history is created individually in line with the patient’s expectations from regional weight loss. Which device, what kind of session intensity and how many sessions will be applied are determined at this time and shared with the patient.

Cryolipolysis for regional fat loss in the belly, abdomen and waist area; G5 massage for the unlosed weight in the hips, hips and upper legs are two effective systems we use for regional slimming.

So how does regional slimming happen? After the sessions are completed, fat excretion begins in the body and the broken down fat tissue gradually leaves the body. During this period, drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and staying inactive will accelerate the slimming process.

Regional Slimming Devices 

Regional slimming devices are great solutions, especially for people whose health conditions are not suitable for surgery or who do not want to go under the knife. When used together with healthy nutrition and exercise, the effect is much stronger and the results are long-lasting.

 They are also devices that have effects such as activating the blood circulation and lymphatic system, and tightening the skin by supporting collagen synthesis. . Regional slimming devices, which offer the opportunity to get rid of difficult regional fats without surgery, are a great comfort we gain thanks to medical aesthetic applications.

Cold Lipolysis Regional Slimming

Cryolipolysis is one of the popular applications of recent years for regional slimming. Thanks to its powerful vacuum heads that allow us to get rid of a significant fat mass in a single session, we can say that it is an extremely effective system in removing the fat in the belly, hips, hips and bagel areas.

As the name suggests, cryolipolysis is a regional slimming method in which we apply cold to regional fats. The vacuumed fat tissue is exposed to high cold. Focused cold freezes and kills fat cells. Once the dead fat cells are removed from the body, you say goodbye to regional fat.

Since it creates a strong vacuum effect, conditions such as bruising, tissue sensitivity and mild pain for a few days may occur after cold lipolysis. It will heal completely within a week.

Cryolysis is usually applied in a single session. There is no harm in repeating it every six months or a year. It is the ideal non-surgical regional slimming method for those who want to maintain their physique in the long term and get rid of regional fat step by step.

G5 Regional Slimming

The fact that the fat cell is metabolically dynamic means that fat burning, that is, energy consumption, continues in a healthy way. When blood circulation is fast and the lymphatic system works well, cell metabolism remains young. It becomes difficult to gain weight or regional weight.
G5 massage, which applies a rhythmic and intense deep tissue massage, activates blood circulation and stimulates the lymph drainage system thanks to its special head and adjustable working modes. It not only allows us to achieve local slimming but also tightens and rejuvenates the skin, working wonders on all tissue layers.

Regional Weight Loss Damages

Regional slimming practices, unlike surgical operations, do not cause trauma because they allow the fat tissue to leave the body over a period of time rather than suddenly, it creates a natural weight loss process and does not cause any harm to health. No incision is made, no tissue is removed, and the fat cells are not numerically reduced. All devices used have international certificates showing that they are safe for health.

Those who have regional weight loss do not have as much difficulty in maintaining their shape and pay more attention to a healthy diet. Because they turned into positive people who were more at peace with their physical appearance, which has an important effect on their general health and positive motivation.

Regional Slimming Belly Melting

The belly is the first area that comes to our mind when it comes to regional slimming, because both women and men cannot easily get rid of the weight settled in the belly, especially after a certain age.

Cold lipolysis is the ideal regional slimming system for belly fat. When applied in one or two sessions, it ensures that the fat in the belly area is broken down and leaves the body. Regional fats removed by cryolipolysis are permanent as long as there is no severe weight gain.

Hip and Hip Melting with Regional Slimming

The easiest way to get rid of fat in the hip and hip area is to regularly get support from regional slimming methods. The first area that tends to gain weight, especially among women, is the hip and hip area, and the weight gained here usually turns into regional fat that is difficult to lose.

Thanks to regional slimming practices, you can permanently say goodbye to the weight accumulated in your hips and hips. After completing the hip and hip melting protocol with cold lipolysis, it is possible to accelerate weight loss and achieve regional tightening by applying G5 massage.

Regional Weight Loss Prices

When it comes to regional slimming prices, the first thing we can say is that non-surgical regional slimming prices are much lower budget applications than liposuction and other surgical methods.

Regional weight loss is different in each district depending on the service quality, brand value and doctor experience of the clinics in Istanbul. In addition, the price of personalized protocols varies from person to person, depending on the content of the application and the severity of regional fat.