Under-eye bag treatment consists of non-surgical applications such as Nucleophile Eyes, Pb Serum Low, Under-Eye Light Filler as an alternative to surgical operation.

Bags under the eyes are one of the main aesthetic deformations that disturb many people, both men and women. It causes the mid-face to appear sagging. For this reason, we can say that procedures to improve under-eye bags are among the aesthetic applications we most frequently use to rejuvenate facial expression.

In advanced versions, bags under the eyes are removed by surgical operation. Skin rejuvenation applications that provide tissue renewal, such as Pb Serum Low and Nucleophile Eyes, which we apply within the scope of non-surgical under-eye aesthetics, are methods that help us achieve improvement while alleviating the appearance of under-eye bags. As a more cosmetic approach, under-eye light filler is the quickest way to refresh the look and brighten the under-eye area.

Under Eye Bags and Bruises

Darkening around the eyes does not always have to be accompanied by under-eye bags. Sometimes dark circles may occur due to sagging under the eyes. However, since the deformed fat pads swell and overflow under the eye, the vessels come closer to the skin surface, the formation of bruises under the eye following the under-eye bag is generally an inevitable situation.

Eyes and the eye area are extremely important for the aesthetic appearance of the face. Women use strong concealers to erase under-eye bags and dark circles, but this is a temporary solution.

Natural methods that can be used in the treatment of under-eye bags, such as making cold compresses, applying tea bags or potato slices, and massaging the area around the eyes with herbal oils, can only work if used regularly, in the long run and to a certain extent. It allows you to get better.

Apart from genetic characteristics and aging, under-eye bag treatments are effective methods that enable us to achieve successful results in a short time to heal under-eye bags and bruises that occur as a result of some diseases and to ensure the renewal of the tissue in the area. .

What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

The loss of firmness of the skin around the eyes triggers the formation of under-eye bags and the onset of signs of aging around the eyes. Under-eye bags, which are still in their initial stages, when they reach a noticeable level, look like a half-moon-shaped fat bag in an area up to half of the eye. In the final stage, the under-eye bag becomes completely visible on the skin surface and the fat pads hanging downwards create a sad and tired facial expression.

We can give various answers to the question of why the under-eye bags swell, but the most common reasons are genetic predisposition, aging and working conditions. Environmental conditions and daily life habits are other important factors that affect the skin. Due to the close connection between the general health of the body and eye health, some diseases and their treatments can cause deformation around the eyes.

  • Irregular functioning of thyroid hormone and other thyroid diseases.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, circulatory failure and disorders.
  • Kidney disorders.
  • Liver problems.
  • Anemia.
  • Edema.
  • State of stress and depression.
  • Sleep disorders, inadequate sleep.
  • Vitamin deficiency due to nutritional deficiency.
  • Alcohol and cigarette consumption.

What to Do About Under-Eye Bags?

Since it is also a kind of health problem, treating the conditions that cause under-eye bags first would be the right approach to obtain a permanent solution.

In order to eliminate existing damage, you can choose cosmetic aesthetic applications or benefit from some home applications such as natural methods and masks for eye bags. Establishing some good daily habits, such as drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep, will prevent the progression of under-eye bags and support the healing period throughout the treatment.

But the fast and effective way to get rid of under-eye bags is the non-surgical under-eye bag treatments that we perform within the scope of medical aesthetic applications, without making any incisions and leaving no surgical scars.

Non-surgical Under Eye Bag Aesthetics

Non-surgical procedures are a great alternative solution for adult women and men of all ages who are uncomfortable with the bags under their eyes becoming visible but refrain from treatment because they are afraid of going under the knife.

The focus of frequently asked questions such as how to get rid of bags under the eyes, do medical aesthetic applications work, what is the definitive solution to bags under the eyes, is about ensuring that the methods used within the scope of non-surgical under eye bag aesthetics are effective or not. lies the need to be.

Nucleophile Eyes, Low PB Serum and Under-Eye Light Filler, which we apply under the name of non-surgical under-eye bag treatments, are solution-oriented treatments and the results we achieve generally fully meet expectations.

Nucleophile Eyes Under Eye Bag Treatment

Nucleophile DNA shine, a very powerful skin rejuvenation and restructuring application, provides a very high level of moisturization with its specially developed formula to treat under-eye bags. Thanks to its antioxidant effect, it stops cell destruction caused by free radicals. It tightens fibroblastic tissue, increases collagen synthesis and rejuvenates cell metabolism.

Thanks to this restructuring that begins in the deep tissues, the under eye begins to tighten day by day after the nucleophile eyes application, and the deformed fat pads return to their old, regular form. The appearance of bags under the eyes is completely eliminated or significantly improved.

Low Pb Serum Under Eye Bag Treatment

The biggest effect of aging is that tissues become unable to synthesize enough of the enzymes they need to renew themselves. The main components of PB Serum consist of various enzymes. These enzymes provide the regeneration of the environment that the cells that make up the skin tissue need to repair themselves and support the cell’s working speed.

Among the PB serum formulas consisting of different ingredients, Low Pb Serum is the version used especially to improve under-eye bags. The serum administered under the eye with the help of fine-tipped needles or a cannula is a mesotherapy application that rejuvenates the under-eye area in a single session.

Under Eye Light Filling Under Eye Bag Treatment

Under-eye light filler made with hyaluronic acid is the most practical method we use to eliminate under-eye bags. Since it has an immediate effect, it is especially preferred for erasing mild under-eye bags.

Since the depression formed around the under-eye bag works by filling it with hyaluronic acid, applications such as Nucleophile Eyes or Low PB Serum, which repair the tissues before light filling, are used in the treatment of very advanced under-eye bags. Using it allows us to achieve much more aesthetic results.

Under Eye Bag Treatment Prices

The application protocol is created individually, depending on which method will be used in the treatment of under-eye bags and how many sessions are required for under-eye bag treatment. The price of each protocol whose content varies is also different.

Please contact us to get detailed information about under-eye bag treatment prices and to make an appointment.