To have a strong skin against environmental effects, the pores must be at the ideal width. This is why pore tightening treatment is important.

The enlargement of pores not only causes aesthetic problems regarding the appearance of the skin and makes it difficult to apply make-up, but also invites many skin problems. Conditions such as blackhead formation, excessive oiliness, and acne-prone skin structure are generally the result of pore enlargement. Enlargement of pores causes skin thickening and skin sagging.

The structural deterioration of the skin layers and their becoming vulnerable to environmental dirt disrupts the balance of the skin, especially sebum secretion. This may lead to premature aging and loss of skin vitality.

What is Pore Tightening Treatment?

Pore tightening involves the stages of deep cleansing of enlarged pores for any reason, then triggering collagen production, activating blood circulation and reaching the skin’s natural moisture balance. Our aim in pore tightening is to reestablish the disrupted sebum balance.

Except for people with a structurally large porous skin structure, enlargement of pores is usually caused by the deterioration of the skin’s moisture and oil balance due to the use of wrong skin care and cosmetic products.

To reverse this situation, pore tightening treatments aim to cleanse the skin from the subcutaneous level, restructure it and find its natural balance. It is possible to mention many medical aesthetic applications used for pore tightening.

Pore Tightening Methods

Our skin is also part of our respiratory system and pores are our breathing channels. When clogged with environmental dirt or oil, they tend to expand in order to breathe. This causes a vicious circle. As the pores expand, the fluids that must be kept under the skin and maintain the skin’s moisture balance come to the surface of the skin. Oily skin attracts environmental pollution like a magnet. Thus, the already enlarged pores are filled with more environmental dirt and become clogged.

We are more likely to encounter oily skin pore tightening cases because the skin secretes more oil to open this blockage. If the pores are not clogged, the skin does not dry out, and the subcutaneous area is allowed to breathe, the pores do not need to expand.

Peeling, deep tissue cleansing, laser applications that trigger collagen production, skin renewal vaccines and skin tightening methods are facial pore tightening methods that allow us to provide the skin care needed for enlarged and clogged pores.

Pore Tightening Carbon Peeling

Carbon peeling is one of the methods we use most for pore tightening. Aside from being an extremely successful system suitable for all skin types, carbon peeling purifies the skin while gently exfoliating dead skin and at the same time triggers collagen synthesis, allowing pores to shrink.

Carbon peeling can be applied in summer and winter as a successful pore tightening process. The pore tightening protocol with carbon peeling, which is specially prepared according to the skin structure, can be organized in one or more sessions.

Before the application, the skin is cleaned and anesthetic cream is applied. In this way, it is possible to ensure that the carbon peeling application is painless. The skin is then covered with carbon liquid. Thus, Q Switch laser beams sensitive to dark pigment easily capture the pores filled with carbon solution.

Pore Tightening Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial, the advanced device skin care system we use for skin cleansing, renewal and subcutaneous nourishment, is one of the unrivaled methods for pore tightening and cleansing.

It cleans the skin without damaging the pores thanks to its microdermabrasion effect and vacuum heads that gently peel the skin. It ensures that blackheads and acne are removed from the skin without infecting the pores.

Hydrafacial, which also activates blood circulation in the subcutaneous layers and stimulates the lymphatic system, has the capacity to eliminate all conditions that cause pore enlargement. In regular use, it tightens the pores, protects the pore structure, and prevents pore enlargement.

Pore Tightening Cleopatra Shot 

Pore tightening treatment with Cleopatra vaccine; It is one of many mesotherapy applications such as dermapen pore tightening, PRP pore tightening, dermaroller pore tightening.

Cleopatra Vaccine, a type of youth vaccine, contains high amounts of pure peptides and Hyaluronic acid, which is the skin’s source of moisture. Since the rejuvenation that begins in the deep tissues ensures that the skin is renewed and tightened, youth vaccines are effective practices in shrinking the pore structure.

At the same time, intense moisturizing of the subcutaneous tissues and increased collagen production helps the skin maintain its natural balance and pore health.

Pore Tightening Baby Face Beauty

Thulium laser-assisted baby face is an application far beyond pore tightening. It renews, smoothes and tightens the skin in a single session. As a result of all this, we achieve tightening of the pores. Moreover, it is an extremely comfortable and long-lasting procedure.

Baby Face’s highly effective intense serums are sent under the skin through micro channels opened by the thulium laser. This intense subcutaneous care combines with the collagen production activated due to the limited damage caused by the laser, and a very powerful regeneration and tissue repair process begins under the skin.

Pore tightening after Baby Face takes effect in a very short time. Most of the time, one session is enough. If necessary, the application can be repeated after a month. Thanks to baby face skin renewal and pore tightening repeated every six months, we can effortlessly prevent the enlargement of pores and the formation of blackheads.

Pore Tightening Fractional Laser 

Fractional laser is one of the most famous laser pore tightening methods. The system that renews the skin by exfoliating it removes the enlarged pores along with the dead crust. In the new tissue emerging from under the skin, the pores become smaller and smaller each time. Additionally, it supports collagen production, allowing the skin to rejuvenate and find its natural balance.

A single session may be sufficient for pore tightening with a deep peeling protocol performed with fractional laser. Slower, gradual pore tightening by peeling the skin several times in subsequent sessions can be considered as an alternative application approach.

Pore Tightening BBL  

Pore enlargement is also an aging problem. BBL Forever Young is a new generation skin renewal and rejuvenation system that whispers to our skin the possibility of realizing our dream of permanent pore tightening.

BBL Forever Young, the FDA-approved skin rejuvenation system that allows us to achieve great results in pore tightening, is known for its cell renewal feature in regular use. Many clinical studies have been conducted to show that it stops the effects of aging, and as a result, it has been branded as a permanent youth elixir under the name BBL Forever Intensive.

Pore tightening with BBL is determined individually depending on how enlarged the pores are. A protocol can be created for up to 4 sessions. For pore tightening treatments at the initial stage, 2 sessions will be sufficient.

Pore Tightening Prices

Many different methods are used for pore tightening. Pore tightening prices vary in each case depending on the method to be used and the number of sessions.

To determine the pore tightening method suitable for your skin type and age, the skin must be examined first. Then, the patient will be informed in detail about the pore tightening protocol and price.

You can contact us to get detailed information about pore tightening applications and prices and to make an appointment.