Dr. Biran Ekici

Medical Aesthetics Doctor

“Güzellik, bütünlük ve uyum meselesidir.”

Dr. started his career as a family physician. Biran Ekici was selected as the “Best Family Physician” in Adıyaman, where he worked between 2002-07, before deciding to continue his career as a medical aesthetics doctor.

Dr. associates the secret of his success in the field of medical aesthetics with his enthusiasm for his profession and his musician personality. Biran is also a percussion artist. He worked with valuable artists such as Yavuz Bingöl, Edip Akbayram, Haluk Levent, made music together as a drummer and made artistic productions.

Dr. has been the host of the “Konuştukça” program, which has been broadcast on Kanal D since 2020. Biran Ekici is known for his sympathetic identity and equipment in the field of medical aesthetics.

Medical Aesthetic Applications


When your body looks the way you want, you feel better and this is reflected in your glow.

Thanks to non-surgical body shaping, tightening and rejuvenation applications, it is now in your hands to maintain your shape and look the way you desire.


It is possible to erase the traces of the years on your face and stop time for your skin without compromising naturalness.

With Facial Rejuvenation applications, we can prevent the aging of the subcutaneous tissues and guarantee a beauty reflected from the inside out and always looking young.


Our priority in skin care and non-surgical aesthetic approaches should be anti-aging protection. In our opinion, the important thing is to preserve the existing beauty and youth in the most natural way.


Our non-surgical facial aesthetic applications with hyaluronic acid-based fillers can eliminate tiny flaws in just a few minutes or make you feel great with small touches.

Popular Treatments

Revealing your beauty with anti-aging protection applications and small but effective aesthetic touches, making you feel the radiance of youth on your face and throughout your body, describes our basic principle in medical aesthetics.

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